We have continued to bring in new products like Talon Grips, as well as many other new products. We finished off the expansion too finally!

Roger, our Gunsmith, graduated from the Lakewood School of Trades with his Gunsmithing degree in February and is now full time. We also added Terry Rathburn, a longtime friend who needed a change of pace and scenery and has also been a big help in the shop.


This was a tough day for us at Ark Tactical. There was a big roof leak at the building we lease and we got hit hard. We were closed down for 2 1/2 weeks and lost a lot of inventory and had a HUGE mess. I really want to say thank you to many of our customers and friends who offered their help and support during this difficult period.

Although its been sometime since you've seen an update here, rest assured its because we've been busy making Ark Tactical even better. Our expansion is basically finished with our retail space nearly tripled! Lots more products are now on display. We continually bring in new products, such as AR500 Armor.

While Bill is no longer with us, many of you have met Roger, who is a student at the Lakewood School of Trades Gunsmithing program and an Army veteran. Also helping out immensely is Will.

Our classroom is not yet open but should be soon. Our online store is also nearly finished and will be available very shortly. Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you for making this dream possible!


Haven't had a chance to update for a while. Lots of new stuff going on. For those that don't already know, we are expanding... significantly. We'll be temporarily moving over to the new space while the existing space is redone. But, when its all done, we'll be tripling our retail space, adding lots of new inventory, significantly increasing lighting and adding a classroom. We'll plan to do a grand re-opening (for the first time...since we never did it the first time) when everything is finished. Hopefully in under 2 months.

We'd also like to welcome our first official employee, Bill, who started today. Please welcome him.

Thanks you to every one of you who have made this amazing progress possible! We appreciate you!


Lots of new things happening at Ark Tactical. Just received our SOT license, which means we are now officially a Class 3 dealer.  We will be selling suppressors, short barreled rifles and shotguns, and other related items. We will be offering e-filing of paperwork for those that qualify, which will significantly reduce your wait times. We will also be offering transfers for Class 3 items.

We are also planning our expansion into the unit next door. We're currently getting bids on the work and hope to get this done in the next few months. We are planning to have very minimal interruption in our hours or days due to the changes. But I think you will be very pleased with the results when we're done.  We will almost triple the retail space and be adding a classroom for training.


We just got back from the 36th Annual SHOT Show. For those not familiar with it, its the Shooting Hunting & Outdoors Trade Show, an annual event to showcase new products and gear. With over 67,000 attendees, 1,600 exhibitors, and 635,000 square feet (over 13 acres), it was a heck of an event!

As a result of the show, we have lots of new items we will be announcing over the next few weeks.  Examples include the new Glock 41 and 42, which should be shipping to our shop today!


We just finished up the bulk of our first expansion.  We removed a front office and nearly doubled the retail area of the store. We have a few finishing touches to complete, but we've already been able to add more products due to the increase in space.

The response to the shop has been fantastic. The word of mouth for Ark Tactical is spreading like wildfire. Apparently there are a lot of folks who think like we do. Thanks everybody! If there is anything we can do for you, please stop in and chat with us, email us or call us. We're here to help!

We're starting this shop because we have a passion for shooting and everything that goes with it. We haven't been happy with the way most shops treat us, and we thought we could do it better. So we're giving it a go!

We may be starting small, but we intend to do things a bit differently. Looking for something? Let us know and we'll try to get it for you at a fair price. Come on in. We will be happy to see you and won't treat you like most shops do...like you are an inconvenience. We value your business.

Ark Tactical | 9824 W Girton Dr | Lakewood, CO 80227 | 303-955-4800| Sales@ArkTactical.com

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